Pre-Show Gala Awards 2021

...A Celebration of Excellence and Service!

06:00 PM – 06:25 PM

Main Stage

Welcome – An Evening of Excellence

Welcome Message

06:05 PM – 07:25 PM


Orientation Information Desk

Helpful tips to enhance your HOPIN experience.

06:10 PM – 07:25 PM


Networking Lounges

Audience can Meet the Honorees and Link up with your Friends. Gala Hosts can share a moment with their guests.

06:15 PM – 07:15 PM


Art Walk

Live from Island Space Caribbean Museum, Fort. Lauderdale, Florida

06:30 PM – 07:15 PM


Jack From Brooklyn

Mixologist: Jackie Summers – Epicurean Blend Master with Sorrel

06:35 PM – 07:15 PM


Nyammings – Ashebre

Chef Oji Jaja, Culinary Artist

06:45 PM – 07:25 PM


Nyammings – Cybille

Chef Cybille

07:30 PM – 07:55 PM

Main Stage

Purple Carpet Live

Hosts will interview Audience and Countdown to the Main Event…