Marc-Anthony Thompson

...A Celebration of Excellence and Service!


Marc-Anthony Thompson is a Professional Saxophonist who uses his unique background of Caribbean & American ancestry to galvanize audiences that he performs for. As a Maryland native who is also Guyanese, he has been able to combine many elements of culture and music into his artistry. As a Saxophonist for 14+ years, it is of no shock that Marc-Anthony has separated himself as a talent that must be heard by the World. He even has the education to show for it. Marc-Anthony is a graduate of the world renowned Berklee College of Music, Class of 2019. There he was able to perfect his passion and gain a worldwide network of musicians. Since graduating, Marc-Anthony has continued to excel as an on-call Performer, Disk Jockey, and Producer. He counts his two greatest accomplishments in recent years as performing for LL Cool J as a member of The Glove ft. Jscott Martin & being invited back to his Alma Mater Berklee College to perform as a DJ and Panel Speaker.