Birdz I

...A Celebration of Excellence and Service!


Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Stephanie Birdz I Mattis first started singing in the church choir.  At 9 years old, she wrote her first song, Guide Me. After that, she continued writing poems and songs and, it was not long before her creative hobbies became something she aspired to do professionally.

As Birdz I grew, she became a lover of all genres neo-soul, souls, and Reggae was the most inspirational.  And with the support of family and close friends, Birdz I has remained focused on her dreams and aspirations; and believes that time holds the key to her evolution.

In 2018, her first single entitled Spiritual Mansion, also known as Give Thanks, was released by Reggae/Dancehall, recording artist, Bugle, Anointed Entertainment Label. She was also featured; on track #8 of Havanna Meets Kingston Album produced by Mista Savona.


A few years later, in 2020, Birdz I had the privilege of joining Ms. BJ Peart, the Brand Ambassador of #RUReady4Ja and the #AroundJamaicaIn7Days experience, which led to a current Cultural Exchange as Birdz I made her #JourneyToTheGullahGeecheeNation and has been making her rounds and sharing her talent throughout Charleston, South Carolina. Birdz I made her entry to Charleston, South Carolina, gracing the stage for the South Carolina Reggae Jerk and Wine Festival.

Later she was invited to be a part of the MOJA Arts Festival, a celebration of African-American and Caribbean Arts. During this time, Vocalist and Show Producer Zandrina Dunning, on OHM Radio 96.3FM, a non-profit, community-based radio station located in Charleston.

And as she continues her #JourneyThroughTheGullahGeecheeNation, she continues to share on her #WomanOfPurposeMovement, looking forward to adding the knowledge and flavors Birdz I have been gaining from the South to her music, as she also looks forward to future collaborations.